The Other Me, theatrical performance


Friday, January 31, 2020, 6:00pm to 7:05pm


University of the Peloponnese, Theatre Studies Department, Leda Tasopoulou Hall, Irakleous 10, Nafplio, Greece.
Poster of the Other Me performance


Yiannis Adelianakis (actor), Manolis Messini (actor), Peggy Karapanou (lighting supervision), Antiopi-Anthi Maditsi (director), and supervisor Anna Tsichli (Scientific and Laboratory Teaching Staff, Theatre Studies Department, University of the Peloponnese)




Theatre Studies Department, University of the Peloponnese, CHS Greece

Synopsis of the event:

The Other Me is a theatrical performance based on the outcomes of CHS Greece's 2017 playwriting workshop. A group of students presents excerpts from the play The Other Me (Ο Έτερος Εγώ) by Dimitra Varvouti, which was written during the 2017 playwriting workshop of the CHS Greece, coordinated by playwright Thanasis Triarides. This and other similar performances that will be organized in the future, consist of an outcome of a formal agreement between CHS Greece and Theater Studies Department. Based on this agreement, the department added plays which were produced during the CHS Greece 2017 Playwriting workshop, to their study curricula in the fall of 2019, offering students the opportunity to create engaging performances based on material of new playwrights, and stage it with the support of both the Department and CHS Greece.

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