Annual Summit of Harvard's Global Office Directors

Since 2018, the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs launched one more initiative aiming to connect global offices together and with the University's central administration.

This important and highly productive summit takes place at the Harvard campus and brings together the directors of global offices, along with colleagues and experts from area centers, and other offices of the University to meet, network, compare notes, share best practices and biggest challenges; to share updates from their work abroad but also on campus; to continue forging connections; and to plan collaborative activities aiming to keep Harvard connected to the world, and the world connected to Harvard.

CHS Greece has been actively engaged with this important initiative both in the 2018 summit and the 2019 summit, delivering presentations with updates and developments on its programs, activities, and overall operation, and others focusing on more general topics such as the collective branding of Harvard’s global offices and their visibility on campus, aiming always to support this unique network of University offices around the world.

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