The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (CHS Greece) is a Harvard global office. It operates as an interdisciplinary hub of the University abroad that links the Harvard community to local academic institutions, authorities and other organizations and communities, uniting the humanistic pursuits of its twin institution, CHS in Washington, DC (CHS US), with the homeland of Hellenism.

From its inception, CHS Greece was conceived and established to be accessible and free of charge to the general public. It maintains two equally significant operational priorities. One is to organize, collaborate on, and support activities addressed to the Harvard community. The other is to engage with educational and non-educational communities in Greece and around the world through a multitude of programs and other initiatives.

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CHS Greece continuously supports collaborations between Harvard, Greece, and the rest of the world, through innovative educational and research approaches, and the development of new opportunities for all.

CHS in the US

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The Center for Hellenic Studies, located in Washington, DC (CHS US) is the sister institution to the CHS Greece. Founded in 1960, it is a premier research institution dedicated to the reassertion of the humanism of the ancient world.

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CHS Greece proudly participates in the annual Worldwide Week at Harvard since its establishment in 2017, joining forces with other Centers, Departments, and units of the University to highlight the breadth and depth of Harvard’s global engagement. Learn more about Harvard’s Worldwide Week...