Visiting Colleges & Universities

The Center welcomes universities and institutions from around the world that organize or would like to start organizing educational activities in Greece. CHS Greece focuses on providing the ideal working and academic environment to students and scholars. The Center is also willing to share its network of organizations and local authorities in Nafplio and Greece in general, as well as its experience in relation to every aspect of program organization.

The presence of CHS Greece and the collaborations it establishes have proven central to the development of a strong academic and educational profile for Nafplio and the region at large, both through the programs with which the Center has established ongoing collaborations, as well as with programs which choose Nafplio as a venue for their activities precisely because of the Center’s presence and the broader academic activity around it.

When Harvard launched its summer program in Greece in 2002, there were only a few other study abroad programs in Greece, and yet today Greece welcomes thousands of students from US institutions every year, who visit the country to participate in various study abroad activities. Moreover, when Harvard opened CHS Greece in 2008, there were no other US University Centers in the country; today Greece hosts various such Centers of major US Universities in addition to CHS Greece, which are organizing a number of activities all over the country.

CHS Greece is already planning new partnerships for the coming years, aiming to attract even more educational programs and academic institutions in Nafplio.

Complete the collaboration proposal form to explore the opportunities of holding a program on the CHS in Greece premises.

Regularly visiting programs

CHS Greece has hosted and continues to host different templates of other Universities’ study abroad activities, such as one-time writing workshops, one- or two-day visits from summer programs like Boston University's, Columbia University's, Duke University's, and others. Moreover, CHS Greece has established ongoing collaborations with some Universities which are visiting Nafplio for several days and/or weeks, and use the CHS facilities, free of charge, for their seminars and research projects. These programs include: