Teaching Internship

Program’s identity and key information

Interested in this teaching internship opportunity? Find information on the application procedure via the CARAT Database for Grants and Fellowships.

About the internship


Up to six Harvard College students serve as Teaching Fellows (TFs) for the CHS High School Summer Program (HSSP) in Greece. TFs collaborate with the HSSP faculty members and participate in planning, coordinating, and teaching of the two-week HSSP seminar. The first phase of the internship consists of preparation in Cambridge, MA, during the spring semester, and the second phase refers to teaching of the seminar itself in Nafplio.

During their stay in Nafplio, TFs live in hotel apartments located close to the CHS Greece and/or other locations, where the program takes place. Light lunch is provided during the weekdays and occasionally group meals are organized by the CHS. Interns are responsible for all other personal expenses (e.g. for meals, laundry etc.), but they receive a stipend to help offset these costs, and other daily expenses. Additionally, the CHS reimburses airfare to and from Athens and organizes group transportation to and from Nafplio and the airport.

Intern Responsibilities

Phase one: Preparation in Cambridge MA (March-June)

During the first phaze, meetings take place on campus at Harvard and/or online and the TFs work together to prepare the course syllabus under the guidance of the Program Director and other Harvard faculty members. The TFs compile the texts that the students will study, build the syllabus and lesson plans, and plan the students’ daily activities. The TFs also participate in the selection of the high school students.

Phase two: Seminar in Nafplio, Greece (2–17 July, 2020)

Interns arrive in Nafplio 2 or 3 days before the beginning of the program. During the seminar, they collaborate closely with each other and with the Harvard faculty members, as well as with CHS Greece managers and coordinators. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching the students
  • Guiding their reading activities and study hours
  • Planning group activities, simulation games, and discussions
  • Evaluating assignments
  • Improving the participating students' research skills and introducing them to the use of Harvard’s library and other e-resources during their research projects preparation
  • Assisting the students in designing research projects and preparing final presentations
  • Reviewing daily activities as a team and also with the faculty members
  • Organizing the program’s closing event

About the High School Summer Program Seminar

The seminar, entitled “Introduction to the Study of Humanity,” introduces high school students to the foundations of the social sciences and covers topics such as the different types of human societies, the factors that lead to social change, the relationship between morality and politics, and the role of exonomics, gender, and religion in today’s world. The seminar relies heavily on student participation, class discussion, writing assignments, presentations, simulation games, and independent research.

For more information about the High School Summer Program, visit its webpage.

Application procedure

Prospective candidates for the internship positions must submit their application form online via CARAT.

Harvard students interested in applying should:

  • fill out the online application,
  • include contact information for two references in the application,
  • include a PDF copy of their most recent transcript,
  • include a PDF copy of their résumé.

Each student’s reference may be a professor, employer, or advisor. This person should be able to comment specifically about the student’s academic records, his/her capacity to carry out the responsibilities listed above, and his/her ability to work effectively and cooperatively with other interns, the staff at the Center, and the scholars and students visiting the Center.

CHS contacts finalists in March.

See this website for résumé guidelines and examples.


Applicants must be current sophomores, juniors, or seniors at Harvard University. Concentrators from any department are eligible. Applicants must have taken at least one course in political theory or political philosophy. A minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA is required.

Knowledge of modern Greek is not required.

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