Citizenship in the 21st century, 24 Hours of Harvard panel discussion


Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 6:00pm to 7:00pm


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Citizenship in the 21st century: Insights across time and space


Gregory Nagy (Harvard/CHS), Emma Dench (Harvard, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), Richard Tuck (Harvard), Nicole Newendorp (Harvard), Nicolas Prevelakis (Harvard) as moderator; Harvard/CHS alumni Roshni Chakraborty from Calicut, India, Pietro Galeone from Milan, Italy, Samantha Garin from Detroit, USA, Ian Chan from Toronto, Canada, as respondents; welcoming remarks by Christos Giannopoulos (CHS Greece)


CHS Greece, co-sponsored by Harvard University's Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies and the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies



Time of the event:

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 11:00am–12:00pm, Eastern European Time (EET) 6:00–7:00pm

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Synopsis of the event:

On the occasion of the 4th annual Worldwide Week at Harvard and its centerpiece, the new “24 Hours of Harvard” event, which is hosted by Harvard University's Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, CHS Greece in cooperation with Harvard’s Committee on Degrees in Social Studies and the Center for European Studies welcomes an interdisciplinary group from their Harvard affiliated faculty joined by alumni of Harvard/CHS programs in Greece, who will discuss the topic of citizenship in the 21st century.

Global issues, such as the current pandemic, the challenge of climate change, and global migration, have challenged traditional notions of citizenship centered on the primacy and independence of the nation-state. What is the meaning of citizenship in a globalized world, where issues need global responses? Can we think of citizenship in non-national terms? What insights can we draw from history to enrich our understanding of what it means to be a citizen?

Each panelist will present insights from their field of study, followed by Q&A with the alumni.

Focal points of the discussion

  • “The Oath of the Ephebes as a symbol of democracy and environmentalism” by Gregory Nagy, Francis Jones Professor of Classical Greek Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University, and Director of Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies.
  • “Race, gender, slavery and the Roman Citizenship” by Emma Dench, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, and McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History and of the Classics, Harvard University, with the following complimentary texts by Titus Livius's History of Rome, Book 1: Chapter 8,Chapter 9, Chapter 10,Chapter 11,Chapter 12,Chapter 13.
  • “Active or Passive Citizens?” by Richard Tuck, Frank G. Thomson Professor of Government, Harvard University.
  • “Immigration and Citizenship” by Nicole Newendorp, Lecturer on Social Studies and Assistant Director of Studies for Juniors and Seniors, Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Harvard University.
  • “Types of Citizenship” by Nicolas Prevelakis, Lecturer on Social Studies, Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Harvard University, Assistant Director of Curricular Development, Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies, and Seminar Co-Chair, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies: “Types of Citizenship.”

Persons with disabilities who wish to request accommodations or who have questions about access, please contact in advance of the session. Please note that we will make every effort to secure services, but that services are subject to availability.

This live event is open to all and will be broadcasted on Vimeo:

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