Art of Poetry

Our words are the children of many people.
George Seferis, “On Stage, 6”, Three secret poems
Translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard

Important update: Please note the first 2 meetings of the workshop will be held on May 7-8, and not on April 16-17 as it was initially planned, due to the Marathon Race of Nafplio scheduled to take place on April 17.

About the workshop


As part of the annual series of workshops 2021 - 2022, the Centre for Hellenic Studies in Greece offers "The Art of Poetry" workshop for the first time.

During the workshop’s meetings the participants will have the opportunity to discuss with the poet and philologist Dr. Tassoula Karagheorghiou and dive deeper into the Art of Poetry:

  • by approaching representative texts of modern Greek poetry, 
  • by submitting personal experimentations on poetry writing,
  • by getting familiar with elements of the art of poetry relating to the use of language, rhythm, thematic or aesthetic preferences, rhyme, style, metres, etc.

At the same time, through a brief overview of modern Greek poetry, the participants will discuss its influences from foreign literary movements and trends, as well as its relations with the ancient Greek poetic tradition.

The workshop is open to those who have already experimenting with poetic writing and seek to make new poetic attempts. It is also open to people who have not shared their poetic attempts with others, yet are willing to dive deeper and move on to the next stage, as well as to those who intend to make their first attempts at writing poems.

Thematic areas – the structure of the workshop

Given the fact that good poets are typically creative readers, the workshop - as far as possible - seeks to:

  • enrich the participants’ reading experience through the interpretive reading of distinctive texts,
  • to pave a way for the inside, deeper, and more systematic knowledge of poetic technique,
  • and highlight the emotional function of poetic language and the unutterable magic of poetic discourse.

The ultimate goal is to provide the stimuli for the participants’ pursuit of personal poetic voice, style, and creative expression.

The poetic phenomenon will be approached through representative texts from all genres, generations, schools, and literary movements, and it will serve as a foundation for dialogue and exercises on personal poetic expressions.

Indicative thematic areas of the workshop will be as follows:

  • How is poetry born? Poetic definitions of the art of poetry.
  • The tone metres of traditional poetry. Examples and exercises.
  • A concise diagram of modern Greek poetry representatives, literary movements, generations, etc.). Writing exercises.
  • Characteristic texts from various literary genres (lianotragouda, haiku, sonnets, ballads, etc.) and corresponding exercises.
  • Experimentation on lyrical excerpts of ancient poetry’s translation.

During the four 4-hour meetings of the workshop, you are invited to:

  • actively contribute to the group discussions,
  • share your poetic attempts in class and discuss with the other participants,
  • complete the required exercises on time, if requested by the coordinator.


Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Prospective applicants are required to have experimented with the poetic discourse. They are invited to submit a brief description of their aspirations and motive to apply or their reflections in relation to the subject, a sample of their work of poetry: from 3 to 5 poems which should not exceed a total of 5 pages along with their communication details and status. The coordinator will select fifteen (15) participants.

CHS Greece constantly monitors the instructions of Harvard University and the Greek authorities, strictly adhering to all applicable health protocols. In case the relevant regulations and instructions change, CHS Greece will adapt accordingly, immediately informing the workshop's participants.