"Netizen – Ethical, Social, & Political Dimensions. Application of Philosophical Ideas to Contemporary Digital Reality" Workshop

Workshop's identity and key information

  • Organizer: CHS Greece
  • Dates: February 6–7, 2021 (2 four-hour sessions, over weekend)
  • Location: Online via Harvard Zoom
  • Open to: All (up to 20 participants)
  • Workshop Coordinator:Giannis (Ioannis) Stamatellos, Professor of Philosophy, Researcher and Author, Nicolas Prevelakis (Harvard/CHS) guest
  • Program Coordination: Matina Goga (CHS Greece, matina.goga@chs.harvard.edu)
  • Held: The workshop is offered for the first time
  • Application deadlines:  December 14–16, 2020 (due to available places being filled)
  • Language of the workshop: Greek

Interest for the "Netizen" workshop exceeded all expectations and since the available places for the workshop have already been filled, from the very first day, we inform you that we will not accept additional applications. We warmly thank all interested parties, and please stay tuned for more related activities in the future!

About the workshop


The Netizen Workshop focuses on the concept of 'citizen' which is broadened and redefined in the new digital reality. The ever-evolving digital technology and the increasing use of digital media leads to a re-examination of ethical, social and political values. What is the role of the citizen (nowadays, aka 'netizen') in the digital age? What new prospects are emerging in social life and political expression? What are the consequences of the new digital reality in all aspects of our lives? How is the identity of the individual interacting with cyberspace formed? Questions worth exploring in the light of philosophical approaches, which relate to freedom of expression and privacy, the reliability of digital systems, equal access to information, intellectual property, personal digital footprint, the relationship between humans and machines, the contemporary need for cybersecurity, and many more. The workshop examines the impact of these issues on both the individual and the wider sphere of digital globalization.


Participation in the workshop is offered free of charge and on a first-come-first-served basis. Prospective applicants are invited to submit a brief description of their aspirations and motive to apply, along with their communication details and status.

*In the event applications exceed the number of 20, priority will be given to applicants who have not participated in other CHS workshops in the past (again, based on the first-come-first-served basis).

Read the Netizen workshop description in Greek.

Application opens on December 14, 2020 and closes on January 15, 2021.