Art of Prose Writing

Workshop's identity and key information

  • Organizer: CHS Greece
  • Dates: May 11–12, June 1–2, September 14–15, and September 28–29, 2019 (8 four-hour sessions, over weekend; exact dates announced with the call for applications)
  • Location: Nafplio, Greece
  • Open to: All (up to 20 participants per cycle) 
  • Workshop Coordinator: † Stratis Haviaras (writer)
  • Guest Speakers: Tatiana Averoff (writer), Kostas Katsoularis (writer, book reviewer, founder of the online free press for books "Book Press"), Yannis Baskozos (writer, journalist, editor in chief at the online free press for books and art "O Anagnostis"), Kostas Papageorgiou (poet, critic), Cecile Igglesis Margellos (translator), Marti Labrou (writer)
  • Program Coordination: Matina Goga (CHS Greece,
  • Held: Annually
  • Application deadlines: Opened on February 1, closed on March 3, 2019 (announced with the call for applications)
  • Language of the workshop: Greek

About the workshop


Launched in 2015, CHS Greece’s the Art of Prose Writing Workshop series is open to writers who wish to improve their writing technique, with the goal of ultimately publishing their writings. The Center organizes workshops for different target groups (from young to advanced writers) and different genres (short form to long form writing—e.g. bonsai, novels, etc.). During the workshop, participants engage into fruitful discussions with the coordinator and other guests from the literary world, elaborating on the art of writing. Through these discussions and writing assignments, they become familiar with aspects of short or long novel writing such as theme options, narrative voice, character and plot development, structure, use of language, economy of words and emotion, and style.


Participation in the workshop is offered free of charge. During the application period all interested participants are invited to submit a sample of their writing, along with their contact information, and a brief description of their aspirations and motivation to apply.