New summer 2023 internship opportunity on Philhellenism for Harvard undergraduates: Apply now

January 20, 2023
Museum of Philhellenism Internship poster 2023.

Museum of Philhellenism Internship poster 2023.

Application deadline: March 1st, 2023

The Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies and the Museum of Philhellenism in Athens are excited to offer a new internship opportunity for one Harvard college student, designed to provide curatorial training and interdisciplinary research on collections related to Philhellenism. Closely related to the rich archive of the Museum, which showcases the impact Hellenic ideals and culture have had since the Enlightenment, the internship consists of two parts:

  • Its first phase (May 16-31) takes place at the CHS US Library on assigned tasks in direct consultation with Prof. Eurydice Georganteli.
  • For its second phase (July 5-23), the intern travels to Athens and works in the Museum, supervised by the Museum President, Constantinos Velentzas.

For summer 2023, the thematic focus of the internship program is the Parthenon.

Any Harvard College student with the following academic backgrounds and interests is eligible to apply: History of Art and Architecture, Architecture, Classics, Archaeology, History, English, Comparative Literature, Comparative Study of Religion, Government, Cultural/Heritage Management, Museum Studies, Digital Humanities.

Learn more about the Museum of Philhellenism Summer Internship and apply.