The Digital Library Program of CHS Greece (Part I & II) relaunches

October 6, 2022
CHS Greece: Digital Library.

This educational program is offered again to the learning community for the eleventh year. It aims to introduce participants to the digital methods used by academic institutions such as Harvard and CHS to disseminate knowledge. The program is adjusted to the educational level and needs of the attending students, including undergraduates.

Part I includes the presentation of the Center's Digital Library, a virtual portal allowing access to the databases that form the Harvard online library system, and an introduction to research techniques in the Digital Library's databases. Moreover, a short introduction to Harvard University and the activities and objectives of Harvard's CHS Greece is offered. The specialized cycle of the program "Introduction to Digital Resources for Knowledge": Part II aims to introduce young researchers to specialized techniques for research, assessment, and citation of digital resources, useful for their projects and future educational steps.

During the school/academic year 2022-2023, the program will be offered until May 2023. Participants will not exceed the number of twenty-five (25) people per group. CHS Greece will host two groups per day.

The educational visits are free to all and will take place from Monday to Friday after coordination with Matina Goga, CHS Greece Curricular Development Manager, to the Center's phone numbers (+30) 2752047030 and (+30) 27520247040.

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CHS Greece: Digital Library.