Evangelos Tataridis

  • Center for Hellenic Studies–International Olympic Academy Pre-doc Fellow in Sport and Society 2020–21
    • PhD candidate of the Department of Philology, University of Crete

Research topic during fellowship: Orestes in Olympia.

Evangelos Tataridis was born and raised in Crete, Greece. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Ioannina, in 2002. After teaching ancient Greek language and literature at several schools, he decided to study theater and ancient drama. In 2012 he was admitted to the Division of Theater-Cinema Studies and Musicology of the Department of Philology, University of Crete. He is currently writing his PhD thesis on "The ritual sacrifice in Euripides: from Hippolytus to Bacchae" under the supervision of Professor Lucia Athanassaki, University of Crete. His research interests focus on ancient poetry, and particularly ancient Greek tragedy.