Christos Aristopoulos

  • Center for Hellenic Studies–International Olympic Academy Pre-doc Fellow in Sport and Society 2020–21
    • PhD candidate of the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus

Research topic during fellowship: Panhellenism and Athenian Athletics.

Christos Aristopoulos is entering his second year (2020) of his PhD dissertation in Ancient History at the University of Cyprus from which he has been awarded a full scholarship and expecting to graduate on June 2023. Over the last decade he has completed his studies in Classics at the University of Patras and received an MA degree (summa cum laude) in Ancient History at the University of Cyprus where he now stands as a PhD student. He has given various lectures on international congresses and actively participated in numerous seminars, conferences and symposia. His first paper has been submitted for review in international journals and two more are currently under editing for submission. Furthermore, he has been honored by his advisors to teach as their replacement when absent and to stand next to one of them as an assistant in their lectures, both in under- and postgraduate seminars. His interests include ancient military history and historiography, the rise of Christianity during the Late Antiquity, perceptions of Hellenic ethnicity during the Roman times, Greek mythology and rituals.