The role of an International Center, Worldwide Week at Harvard panel discussion


Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 4:00pm to 5:45pm


Harvard University, William James Hall, Auditorium B1, 33 Kirkland St., Cambridge, MA 02138, US

Full title:

The role of an International Center in supporting the University's global presence: Programs and Collaborations in Greece

Opening remarks:

Gregory Nagy (CHS/Harvard), Nicolas Prevalakis, moderator of the event (CHS/Harvard)

First panel:

Teaching Internships, Cultural Internships, Harvard Summer Program in Greece


Faculty perspectives: Kevin Caffrey (Harvard), Nicole Newendorp (Harvard), Dimiter Angelov (Harvard)
Harvard student perspectives: Thomas Elliott, Allison Toledo, Kate Yoon, Layla Siddig, Andy Secondine

Second Panel:

International Conferences abroad, Travel Study Programs in Greece, International Collaborations, Collaborations across Disciplines


David Elmer (Harvard), Trearty Bartley (HAA, Harvard), Rhea Lesage (Harvard Library), Kate Anable (Department Administrator, Harvard)

Hosted by:

CHS Greece

Open to:

Harvard community



Synopsis of the event:

Faculty, students, and other colleagues from the Harvard community are invited to share their experiences and perspectives in working on different aspects of the University’s international presence in cooperation with CHS Greece. How can a international Center support the global presence of the University through the development of new educational and collaborative templates and/or the expansion of existing ones?

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