"Olympia and the search for Identity": 11th International Scholars' Symposium on Sports, Society, & Culture


Tue - Fri, Jul 12 to Jul 15, 9:00am - 6:30pm

Night photo of International Olympic Academy premises in Ancient Olympia, along with the full title, dates, and logos of organizers of 2022's symposium

Full title:

International Scholars' Symposium on Sports, Society, & Culture. “Olympia and the search for Identity” in honor of the Ionian heritage

Organized by:

CHS US, International Olympic Academy (IOA), CHS Greece



Academic coordination:

Stamatia Dova (Hellenic College Holy Cross & CHS) and Charles Stocking (University of Western Ontario & CHS) as academic coordinators, and Susan Stephens (Stanford University), Onno van Nijf (University of Groningen), Peter J. Miller (University of Winnipeg), and Maša Ćulumović (CHS) as speakers


The Symposium will be held between 12 - 15 of July in the recently renovated premises of the IOA in Olympia, if conditions permit, bringing together scholars from around the world and students from Greece and Cyprus in plenary and breakout sessions designed to generate stimulating discussions and examine the multifaceted relationship between athletics and the search for identity from ancient to modern times.

Learn more about the Symposium, its speakers, program, and application procedure.