Netizen Workshop, February 2021


Sat - Sun, Feb 6 to Feb 7, 11:00am - 7:00pm


Online workshop, Harvard zoom

Participants in action at the CHS Greece Seminars Room attending a workshop, image with a glow/blurry highlight effect on.

Full title:

Netizen – Ethical, Social, and Political Dimensions. Application of Philosophical Ideas to Contemporary Digital Reality


Giannis (Ioannis) Stamatellos, Professor of Philosophy, Researcher and Author, and Nicolas Prevelakis (Harvard/CHS) as guest




CHS Greece

Synopsis of the workshop:

The Netizen Workshop focuses on the concept of 'citizen' which is broadened and redefined in the new digital reality. The workshop examines questions such as freedom of expression and privacy, the reliability of digital systems, equal access to information, intellectual property, personal digital footprint, the relationship between humans and machines in the light of philosophical approaches.

The workshop will take place in two four sessions over the weekend.

See the Netizen workshop's description on our website.