Michigan State University visiting program


Mon - Fri, Jul 19 to Jul 23, 9:30am - 11:30am


CHS Greece, Philhellene Square & Otto Street, 21 100, Nafplio, Greece

Full Title:

Business Law, Ethics, and Sustainability in an Emerging Global Market, Study in Greece program

Academic coordination:

Haris Sorovigas (Michigan State University)


CHS Greece welcomes a small group of eight students, one teaching fellow, and one faculty member from Michigan State University. The participants of this visiting program will use the CHS Greece lecture hall for their seminar. The space provided to the group for use is re-arranged in accordance with authorities’ safety regulations during the pandemic. The Center has offered substantial help to the program director and faculty since 2017 and continues to support it every year.

For more information, please see Michigan State University program's announcements and website.