Harvard Summer Program in Greece


Sat - Sun, Jun 29 to Aug 4, 9:00am - 4:00pm


Nafplio, Thessaloniki, Olympia, Athens (Greece)

Full title:

Harvard Summer Program in Nafplio and Thessaloniki, Greece


Dimiter Angelov (Harvard), Yota Batsaki (Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard), Emma Dench (Harvard), Dimitris Kastritsis (University of St Andrews), Ilham Khuri-Makdisi (Northeastern), Gregory Nagy (Harvard), Nicolas Prevelakis (Harvard), Michael Puett (Harvard), Eurydice Georganteli (Harvard)




Harvard Summer School (HSS), supported by CHS Greece and CHS US

Synopsis of the program:

Divided between the seaside town of Nafplio and the historical city of Thessaloniki, the program has in its scope the promotion of cross-cultural understanding by exploring some of the major cultural traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean—and, more broadly, the world we live in—, their points of overlap, mutual influence, and strategic divergence. In the context of this program, CHS offers two fellowship awards for new researchers who are employed in Greek universities. The program is open to a limited number of participants and application is required.

See the Harvard Summer program's description on our website or visit the HSS website for more information.

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