Lucia Athanassaki

  • CHS Associate in Hellenic Studies. Member of the CHS Greece "Events Series" Academic Committee
    • Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Crete

Lucia Athanassaki has taught Greek and Latin at the University of Crete for almost thirty years. Previously, she taught Greek and Latin at the University of Virginia (1990-91) and, as a graduate student, at Brown University (1983-90). She has published extensively on lyric poetry (mainly but not exclusively Greek), Greek tragedy and more recently the literature of the Graeco-Roman period (Plutarch in particular). In the past fifteen years her research has focused on the interaction of poetry as performance with monumental iconography. She holds a B.A (in Philology/Classics) from the University of Athens and a Ph.D. (in Classics) from Brown University.

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