Georgios Evangelopoulos

  • CHS Associate in International Affairs and Law. Member of the CHS Greece Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee
    • Associate Professor of Political Philosophy and International Relations, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Georgios Evangelopoulos (Ph.D. London School of Economics-LSE) is an Associate Professor at Panteion University, a CHS Associate in International Affairs and Law, and a Research Fellow at the Athens-based Institute of International Relations. See Georgios Evangelopoulos's bio. In the past, Georgios has served as scientific advisor to two consecutive Presidents of the Hellenic Republic (2007–20) and has been a Research Associate of the LSE European Institute (2017–8).
His research interests focus on three areas: International Political Theory, Philosophy of Science and International Relations, as well as Foreign Policy Analysis. He has authored or co-authored seven books. Further contributions consist in more than forty articles and book chapters that cover a broad range of subjects, mostly in political philosophy and the philosophy of science.

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