Stella Spantidaki

  • Early Career Fellow in Hellenic Studies 2021-22
    • Archaeologist and Director of the Hellenic Center for Research and Conservation of Archaeological Textiles in Athens.

Research topic during fellowship: The Fabric of Kings: Funerary textile remains from Mycenae.

Dr Stella Spantidaki is a Greek archaeologist specialised in archaeological textiles. She studied archaeology in Greece, Germany and France and museology in France. Her PhD research focused on Textile Production in Classical Athens and has been published as a monograph in the Ancient Textiles Series, Oxbow Books. In her research, she uses an interdisciplinary approach combining information from different sources, such as textual sources, iconography and archaeological remains; she is also interested in experimental archaeology and the use of digital techniques in the service of cultural heritage. Since 2015, Stella is the Director of ARTEX, the Hellenic Centre for Research and Conservation of Archaeological Textiles in Athens and participates in several projects studying excavated textiles in Greece.