Panagiotis Androulakis

  • Pre-doctoral Fellow in Hellenic Studies 2021–22
    • PhD Candidate in Classics, University of Crete

Research topic during fellowship: Conspiracy narratives and authorial intervention in the ‘Roman Archaeology’ of Dionysius of Halicarnassus.

After receiving my BA in Greek philology at the University of Crete (2012-2016), I have started my postgraduate studies and received my MA in Classics at the same university (2017-2019), when I submitted my dissertation entitled ‘The Secondary Characters in Plutarch’s lives Galba and Otho’. Also in 2019, I have co-organised (with Eleni Mosiou, Eleni Skepetzaki and Theodore Tsilimparis- Makridis) the first conference on Classics for postgraduate students and PhD Candidates powered by the University of Crete ‘Immortality and Memory in the Ancient World’. I am currently a PhD Candidate in Classics since 2019, under the supervision of prof. Melina-Eleni Tamiolaki. My forthcoming thesis deals with conspiracy narratives in the Roman Archaeology of Dionysius of Halicarnassus. Meanwhile, I do not abstain from my research interests, which are focused on ancient Greek and Roman historiography and biography, by working on papers to publish or to present. Furthermore, I am currently volunteering for the Open Greek and Latin Project by the CHS.