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Program’s identity and key information

About the Events Series

Events Series is one of the longest-running CHS Greece activities, launched in 2008. The Center invites prominent academics and experts from various fields from Greece and abroad, and addresses the local communities of the Argolis region and of Greece, through an annual series of lectures, panel discussions, and presentations that take place on a monthly base. Each annual cycle of the Events Series engages with a new general topic.

Throughout the years, CHS Greece has joined forces with many authorities and institutions in organizing its annual series of events, such as, but not limited to: the Municipality of Nafplio, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Museum of Byzantine History of Thessaloniki, the National Library of Greece, the MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art, the Universities of Patras and of Crete, the Society for Promoting Education and Learning, the Municipality of Ermionida, and others.

Events Series in 2021

The Events Series 2021 general title is "The Revolutionary Landscape of 1821 - Environmental Aesthetics and Politics" indicating its dual approach in topic this year. On the one hand, it includes two events from last year’s abruptly canceled cycle that engaged with the theme of landscape and environmental politics and aesthetics, and raises the issue of the natural and built environment as an experience and as a source of inspiration and imagination. On the other hand, it holds three new events pertaining to the bicentennial commemoration of the 1821 Greek Revolution and showcases political and cultural approaches of the broader Greek Revolution period, in the broader context of events organized by CHS in Greece and the US for the celebration of this significant anniversary. This year's events will be implemented either virtually or in-person in Nafplio should conditions allow it.

In the context of the Events Series 2021, CHS Greece undertook the establishment of a research team of high school students from the Argolis region which will conduct a five-month-long research with the general title: "Nafplio and Argolis during the Revolution of 1821: The Local and the Global." The students' research group will present its results during the closing event of the series.

The events dedicated to the celebration of the 1821 anniversary are under the aegis of the Municipality of Nafplio.

Check the Events Series 2021 program or any of the upcoming events in our website's calendar. You may also download the Events Series 2021 poster in Greek found at the end of this page in PDF format.

Read the Events Series program description in Greek.

Videos of past events

If you wish to explore more of the Events Series program, you can find videos of past events in our YouTube channel. Access the Events Series videos.

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