About a tragic mask, a research-experimental performance


Sunday, October 23, 2022, 12:00pm


Ancient Theater of Argos, Tripoleos Street, 21 200, Argos, Greece

Full title:

About a tragic mask: A composition of excerpts from Phoenician Women and Trojan Women by Euripides

Organized by:

Department of Theater Studies, School of Arts, University of the Peloponnese (in Greek), supported by CHS Greece

Open to:

All/Free entrance



Created by:

Sophia Baltzoi (archaeologist, PhD candidate at the Department of Theater Studies, University of the Peloponnese, State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) scholar and Center for Hellenic Studies pre-doctoral fellow in Hellenic Studies 2022–23), Antonia Vasilakou (Special Teaching Staff, Department of Theater Studies, University of the Peloponnese/Directing & motion supervision), Martha Foka (Tragic masks creator & costume supervision), Nikiforos Chrysoloras (Music composition), Dimitrios Stamos (Stamos Advertising/Graphic supervision)

Performed by:

Galinou Maria, Markouli Varvara, Poulimenou Panagiota-Athina, Stergianni Alexandra, Frangoulidou Despina, Hatzipapadopoulou Anna, students of the Department of Theater Studies


The experimental-research performance "About a tragic mask: a composition of excerpts from Phoenician Women and Trojan Women by Euripides" is part of the doctoral thesis of the Department's PhD candidate, Sophia Baltzoi, entitled "The tragic mask in the performances of antiquity and the revival of ancient tragedy in modern Greece" supervised by Maria Mikedaki, assistant professor at the Department. It is a composition of the choruses from the Phoenician Women and the Trojan Women by Euripides and the monologue of Jocasta from the Phoenician Women of the same tragedian, which will be performed with the use of tragic masks. The aim of the performance is to examine the reception of the ancient tragedy genre performed with tragic masks by the theater audience. After the performance, the audience and the actors will fill in questionnaires that will help draw conclusions useful for the doctoral research.