Digital Resources Workshop


Sat - Sun, Apr 20 to Apr 21, 9:00am - 3:00pm


CHS Greece, Philhellene Square & Otto Street, 21 100, Nafplio, Greece

Full title:

Digital Resources of Knowledge and their Contribution to Philology


George Trapalis (Society for Promoting Education and Learning), Dr. Vasilis Vasileiadis (Center for the Greek Language), Matina Goga (CHS Greece)




CHS Greece

Synopsis of the workshop:

This is the second/advanced cycle of the workshop, offering the opportunity to participant philology instructors, who participated in the workshop’s first cycle, to expand their knowledge on the creative use of digital resources. Participants delve deeper into research, testing their research skills in practice, and developing original and useful content, to enhance their own teaching as well as that of their colleagues, and ultimately improving the education offered to their students. The workshop is open to a limited number of participants and application is required.

See the digital resources workshop's description on our website.