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Academic Programs

The Center for Hellenic Studies offers programs to students from Harvard as well as other academic institutions from all over the world.

CHS in Greece is most appreciative of the generous support of the Argolis Prefecture. Not only has the Prefecture welcomed CHS and our visiting students with open arms, but their generous support has greatly expanded our cooperation.

CHS would also like to thank the Municipalities of Argos, Kranidi and Nafplio for their kind support of our academic programs and for allowing our students the opportunity to visit and learn about the vast number of cultural and educational resources in the region.

Summer Internship Program

The CHS Summer Internship Program offers Harvard students the opportunity to visit Greece, take part in Greek language courses, and work for several weeks (5-9), in the area of their studies, in Institutions and in private and state-operated organizations. The design of this Harvard program gives students the opportunity not only to get to know Greek civilization and language (through courses, excursions to archaeological sites, participation in events, lectures, visits to museums, among others)...
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Comparative Cultural Studies Program

The Harvard Comparative Cultural Studies Program is one of the oldest and most successful Harvard study-abroad programs. Divided between the ancient site of Olympia and the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Nafplion, it recently completed its eighth year. Led by Harvard Professor Greg Nagy and a founding team of Harvard-trained Senior Fellows, the program seeks to promote cross-cultural understanding by combining historical, literary, philosophical, and linguistic approaches to cultural exchange. Since the summer of 2002, when it was launched, a total of over one hundred students from the four corners of the world have come to Olympia, and more recently, Nafplio, for an intensive five-week course on the theme of "Cross-Cultural Contact between East and West from Antiquity to the Present"...


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High School Summer Program

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece's High School Summer Program (HSSP) offers ten Greek high school students, from any discipline, scholarships to spend two-and-a-half weeks (16 days) at the CHS facility in Nafplion, where they will attend intensive daily seminars led by Harvard faculty and Teaching Fellows from Harvard and from Greek universities.


The HSSP will be held every summer following the Greek high schools' examination period. The 2014 program will take place from July 16 to August 1.


“Introduction to the Study of Humanity”


The seminar, led by Dr. Nicolas Prevelakis, (Harvard Social Studies), will introduce students to the foundations of the social sciences and will cover such topics as the different types of human societies, the factors that lead to social change, the relationship between morality and politics, and the role of nationalism, ethnicity, and religion in today’s world. The students will have the opportunity to experience an American college-level course, relying heavily on student participation, class discussion, writing assignments, and independent researchThis year, in addition to the students from the Argolis region, two students from Arsakeia Schools will be invited to participate, due to the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ signed by the Center for Hellenic Studies and the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning.


Each day will consist of three hours of class in the morning, followed by three hours of activities, lectures, and homework in the afternoon. Skype sessions with Harvard scholars will take place occasionally, as a way to introduce students to some contemporary American practitioners. Throughout the course, students will develop a research project, which they will have the chance to present at the program’s closing event.


In addition to the seminar instructor, the students will have the chance to work closely with two teaching interns from Harvard University, who will provide them substantial help and guidance as they prepare their assignments. The course will be capped at 15 students only, which will assure close interaction among the students, as well as between the students, the professor, and the teaching interns.


Extra sessions will be dedicated to presentations of the American and Greek educational systems by the teaching interns as well as by the Educational Advisor of the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, and will provide students with information about educational opportunities and university application procedures.


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To download the poster for the HSSP, click here.


The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece would like to extend a special thanks to the Head of the Secondary Education offices of the Argolis and all the regional high school principals.


High School Teaching Internship in Greece


The CHS offers the opportunity for two Harvard University undergraduate students to work as teaching assistants (TAs) from July 16-August 1, 2014 and gain teaching experience alongside a professor from Harvard University in the High School Summer Program (HSSP).


The TAs will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills, and moreover, to coordinate, guide, and support high school students with little or no previous exposure to university methods of studying texts, writing essays, conducting surveys, and preparing presentations. The internship will include two phases: the preparation of the seminar (March-April, in Cambridge MA), and the seminar itself (July 16-August 1, in Nafplion, Greece)


Phase one: Preparation (March-April, Cambridge MA)

During the months of March and April, the TAs will assist Harvard faculty member Dr. Nicolas Prevelakis in the preparation of the course syllabus. They will also participate in the selection of the high school students.


Phase two: Seminar (July 16-August 1, Nafplion, Greece)

The TAs should be in Nafplion by July 15, 2014. During the HSSP seminar, they will participate in teaching, assist with daily activities, guide the high school students during study hours, and evaluate the students’ written work. They will also guide the students in conducting small research projects and in organizing a closing event. The TAs may also be asked to give presentations of their own about the American higher education system and the application procedures.


The CHS will provide hotel apartments in Old Town, Nafplion. The CHS will also reimburse TAs up to $1500.00 for airfare to and from Greece. The TAs will also receive a stipend to offset costs associated with local transportation, meals, and incidentals.


For more information on the Summer High School Teaching Internship Program and the application document please visit the following link: